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Sonas to America ($5.50-$45)

Sonas is a weaving village located in Cambodia. It consists of 12 women who weave all of our products. Our company, Sonas to America, donates all of our profits back to the weaving village so that they are able to create incomes for these women and give them an opportunity to send their children to college, which is rare in Cambodia. Each purchase makes a positive impact in these women’s lives, and for that we thank you!

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H.E.L.P.I.N.G. The Homeless Backpacks – one2one USA ($28)

For the past 10 years, 16-year-old Alexa Rhodes has volunteered with her family at communal dinners for homeless people. Saddened by the number of homeless living on the streets in major cities, Alexa decided to create an organization called H.E.L.P.I.N.G. The Homeless Backpacks to raise funds and gather needed items to be placed in sturdy, multi-use backpacks. Once these backpacks are filled, she selects a homeless shelter to receive the donation. In October 2020, Alexa donated 75 backpacks to the Broad Street Ministry. In November, she will donate another 75 to the Covenant House in Philadelphia. She was recently featured in the local news.

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Infinity Flies ($5-$12.50)

Handmade fishing lures - perfect for gifts or for your own fishing lures.

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Taco 'Bout It ($35)

Taco 'Bout It is a card game that encourages players to address their mental health. This fun and energetic game makes difficult conversations about our feelings more enjoyable, and it ultimately helps to destigmatize talking about mental health. 

Taco 'Bout It will facilitate conversations between adults and teens, encourage empathizing with others, and create a fun and safe environment. 

Now that we've gotten fully funded on Kickstarter, we are glad to bring it to you! Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here.

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